Vegan Guide Lisbon – Part 1: Eat

…and even more.

The Restaurante Vegetariano Alfarroba (number 27 on the Vegan Map) is open during the week for lunch and serves almost exclusively vegan stuff. In the self-service style you can choose between three main dishes, two of which were gluten-free during our visit. This gets along with brown rice and salad. Among the desserts there are some with honey, so make sure to ask here!

In the vegetarian-vegan restaurant Jardim dos Sentidos (number 28 on the Vegan Map) you get a delicious and extensive all-you-can-eat buffet for 8.90 euros (on Saturdays 12 euros). In the evening you can eat à la carte. All vegan and gluten-free options are clearly marked and include also dessert. The restaurant is quite chic and one can sit outside very nicely and cozily.

The also fully vegetarian Oasis Vegetariano (number 29 on the Vegan Map) focuses on healthy food. There are four different dishes every day, of which one or two are vegan. These are served with rice and salad. To this you can drink freshly squeezed carrot, apple or orange juice.

Also the vegetarian restaurant Paladar Zen (number 30 on the Vegan Map) offers an all-you-can-eat-buffet for lunch and dinner with many marked vegan options. Among them are four to six hot dishes, homemade soup, vegan sushi and 12 different salads. In addition, there are many freshly squeezed juices and also vegan desserts, such as apple crumble.

PSI – Restaurante Vegetariano (number 31 on the Vegan Map) is one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon – if not the oldest. The mix of Asian and international dishes includes many vegan options, which are marked on the menu. Also the location is special: Whether in the half-open glass pavilion or in the shade of the many trees, you feel as comfortable as in your own garden and can escape the bustle of the big city during a delicious meal in a very relaxed atmosphere.

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