About Us

Us – that’s Ron & Chantel from Osnabrück, Germany.

Already on the road for over one year...
Already on the road for over one year…

After we met in March 2016, we quickly found out our two biggest common likings: traveling and vegan food. 😀

Soon after, our first trip together to Antalya took place in April, and in May, June and July, we finally made our small trip to Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka & Dubai) which led us through Rumania back to Germany, just to start off again to Italy (Rome, Formia, Naples) only a few weeks later. It should last up until October till the next trip (Fuerteventura). Since then we have also been to Mallorca (November ’16), Budapest (December ’16) and Malta (January ’17).

Our trip to Asia

Besides travel, needless to say, veganism and animal rights neither should be neglected, which is why we are active in the university initiative for animal rights Osnabrück. We are glad about the lively exchange in our international Facebook group vegan reisen | vegan traveling, which already has more than 12,000 members. Since we want to gather and share all the information and tips on vegan travel, as well as some additional ideas and suggestions for saving money on the road, as well as our own experiences, we have launched this blog. In order to reach as many people as possible, it is available in three versions: in German, English and Spanish.

Since March 2017, we are now on our big trip through Europe, which is slowly but surely expanding into a world trip. With this map you can always follow where we are at the moment:

    We are happy about each and every one who accompanies us and hope to give you some helpful tips. Let us have your feedback! 🙂

    Have fun while traveling
    Ron & Chantel ❤