Vegan Guide Lisbon – Part 1: Eat


Also in Portuguese supermarkets, there are all sorts of vegan food to feast. Especially the selection of plant milk is large – but you don’t have to go without ice cream, cheese and sausage alternatives either. We’ll tell you where to find what.

No, we don’t want to show you another milk alternatives shelf, which you will find in every supermarket – no matter how small it is. Whether the Portuguese have a similar common lactose intolerance as the Spaniards or whether they are just into vegan milk – we don’t know, we basically don’t really care either. Because what counts is that everyone gets their favorite milk, no matter whether soy, oat, coconut, almond, rice, spelt, a combination of the aforementioned, or something completely different.

Pingo Doce

Cheap vegan dairy ice cream, however, is unfortunately still not so self-evidently found at the supermarket. But that’s exactly what we found: Namely at Pingo Doce, Portugal’s second-largest supermarket chain. Delicious vanilla ice cream on a coconut base, without soy, 500 ml for 2 euros. Whether they will have more varieties soon, we don’t know. Until now, we’ve only found this one and pepped it up with cinnamon cookies and chocolate sauce. 😉


If you know the French department store chain Auchan, some products at Jumbo might be familiar to you, since this supermarket belongs to the Auchan group. Just like Auchan in France or Alcampo in Spain, Jumbo stores are huge and can be compared with a Walmart or Tesco. In other words, you can basically find almost everything here, including a larger selection of vegan cheese, cold cuts and sausage. Fruit and vegetables are also extremely cheap here.


Woohoo, also Aldi Portugal has a lot of vegan goods on offer, including soy granules, soy, soy-rice, oat and spet milk, vanilla and chocolate soy pudding, vegan burger patties, schnitzel, cold cuts and sausages.


Of course, that was just a mini-selection from the huge vegan assortment in Portugal and should only provide a brief insight into what attracted our attention the most. Soon there will be a separate blog article about vegan supermarket products in Portugal.

9 Replies to “Vegan Guide Lisbon – Part 1: Eat”

  1. Wow, thanks for investigating so many vegan opportunities in Lisboa. Unfortunately, we want to go there now, and I mean instantly, I am so hungry!

    1. You’re welcome, we are always happy to help finding vegan options. Haha, yeah, you should do that, just catch the next flight! 😛 We also want to go back every time we look at these yummy pics! 😀

  2. I’m so sad that some of these are already permanently closed. 🙁

    Thank you for doing this amazing research! I’m finding Lisbon to be quite vegan-friendly.

    1. Oh, we’re sorry to hear that :/ Vegan(-friendly) restaurants and cafés are a very quickly changing sector, so we guess there are also alreay a few new ones. In general, luckily there are more opening than closing ones 🙂
      We are happy to help finding vegan options and we think Lisbon has plenty to offer! 🙂

  3. Mouth-watering pictures! I traveled Portugal in the summer and found it difficult to find vegan food at traditional restaurants, but was impressed by the offering at vegan restaurants. We really loved Tao as it was so cheap and tasty! We’re adapting some Portuguese recipes to make them vegan friendly for you to try at home. Check us out if you’re interested!

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