What Does “Sponsored By” Mean?

At www.the-vegan-travelers.com we don’t want to show advertisements that are irrelevant to the readers. Therefore, our site is completely free of annoying ads through Google AdSense, pop-ups or similar. However, to cover the costs of web hosting, domain fees, our travel equipment, etc., we also need income to be able to continue providing our information free of charge. That’s why we use topic-based ads.

This means that each of our articles can be supported by a maximum of one sponsor by a small donation. For us, the only partners to be considered are owners of companies, which thematically fit to our blog, thus have a direct reference to veganism and/or travel. These could be vegan(-friendly) culinary establishments or shops, but also, for instance, hostels, tour operators or backpack manufacturers.

If a blog entry has been financially supported, you will see this transparently by the note “Sponsored by”. The supporter has no influence on the content of the article.

Do you run a vegan or vegan-friendly cafe, restaurant or other business? You offer accommodation for travelers or make travel equipment?

If so, become our partner now! To become the sponsor of a blog post, we ask for a one-time minimum donation of 150 EUR or 180 USD. In return, we display a banner with either your Facebook page, website or Instagram profile right after the first paragraph of the article of your choice – and this in all three language editions of our blog: German, English & Spanish! If you want to advertise in just one language, the minimum donation is 75 EUR or 90 USD.

The best part: We only accept one sponsor per post! That means your company is the only one at the top of the page. This ensures that the target group, perfectly pre-sorted by us, takes notice of you. Because due to the embedding as normal content, the banner – in contrast to traditional ads by AdSense etc. – is not recognized by ad blocking software. In addition, a single donation is already enough to be permanently integrated and linked. Of course, you will also receive an invoice for the amount mentioned above from us.

All the Benefits at a Glance:

  • Reach your target audience directly

  • Show your web presence, Instagram or Facebook page

  • Banner not hidden by ad blockers

  • Exclusivity (only one sponsor per blog post)

  • One-time donation – permanent integration & linking

You are interested in a blog post sponsorship? Write us an E-Mail or contact us via Facebook or Instagram.