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To find out how to get cheap flights keep on reading.

The very best and likely also the best-known flight search is Skyscanner. Skyscanner can be used very flexibly, so for the place of departure and destination it is possible to specify airports, cities, whole countries, or in the case of the destination even “everywhere” (you can also add the nearby airports if you want). Flights are searched for a specific date, month or thewhole year. Thus, it’s possible to search e.g. from the USA to “everywhere” at any time. Then, a list of the destination countries with the price of the most favorable flight is displayed. If you now click on a country, the target cities are displayed again with the respective lowest price. After that, you can select the departure city (again in list form with the most favorable price). Then the month with the cheapest available flight is automatically displayed, which can now be viewed as a calendar or diagram with the respective prices. If the search is restricted by more precise information, there are fewer steps of course. Too bad, that the prices are often not updated immediately, even if they were just checked. This can always lead to differences between the initial and the actual price. If the price has risen sharply, I would recommend to go a step back and check out the alternatives.

Ryanair has not only very low prices, but also a very nice website, on which a flight search is integrated – in tabular form, as well as on a map with a complete route network. Or you can look for the cheapest available destinations by order of point of departure in the UK or in Ireland.

As an alternative to Skyscanner there’s Flynder, momondo and KAYAK.

By the way, the cheapest booking time for short- and medium-haul flights is about 2 months (6-10 weeks) before departure. Long-distance travel should be planed in advance: on average they are the most favorable 4-6 months (17-24 weeks) in advance. In addition, the flight prices during the week (ideally Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) are often lower than at the weekend – since most of the people book then.

Anyone who wants to compensate the CO₂ emissions of his travel, this can be done on atmosfair for instance. More information about CO₂ emissions will be available in another entry soon.

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