Finding a rental car

Of course, we are big fans of public transport, as they are usually very environment-friendly. In some places, however, a rental car is the ideal candidate. Whether it’s because certain parts of the world are simply made for a road trip or because they still lack the appropriate infrastructure. Here you will learn what you should consider when hiring a car.

Look out for a fair fuel tank regulation, such as “full/full”, i.e. you get the rental car with a full tank and also return it filled up. Otherwise, there are not only service fees up to 30€, but also made-up liter prices, which are often significantly higher than at normal petrol stations.

Also pay attention to the deposit required by the car rental company and make sure to have that amount actually available on your credit card. Otherwise, you may have to agree to a supplementary insurance (of course for additional money) in order to get your rental car.

Ah, apropos supplementary insurance: do not let yourself be talked into it (especially on site)! Car rental companies are always trying to do that in order to make more profit, but it’s usually not worthwhile for the customer.

Lastly, the question arises for us how vegan-friendly a car rental can actually be. After all, most car interiors contain components of animal origin, as explained by the comparison site Rhino. From the obvious leather seats, to a leather-coated steering wheel and gear knob, to the inconspicuous like glue, which, as so often, may contain animal ingredients. If you opt for a car of the budget price category, you can at least assume that no leather seats are used. And the good news is: Big pioneers in the automotive industry like Tesla and Audi are now investing in vegan alternatives!



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