UNESCO World Heritage in Portugal

Torre de Belém

Portugal currently has 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: 14 of which belong to the cultural heritage and one to the natural heritage. The Atlantic island of Madeira is home to the only Portuguese natural heritage site. Two World Heritage Sites are located in the Azores, the remaining 12 on the Portuguese mainland. In 1983, the first four sites were added to the World Heritage List. The most recent World Heritage Site was registered in 2006.
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Vegan Guide Lisbon – Part 2: Explore

Vegan Guide Lisbon - Part 2: Explore

Let’s continue with the second part of the Lisbon series: Explore. Here you will learn the different possibilities that exist to explore the capital of Portugal and which ones are suitable for whom. In the other parts of the series, you can read about where to find vegan food, which sights you should visit, where to stay cheaply and what to discover in the surroundings. Continue reading “Vegan Guide Lisbon – Part 2: Explore”

Vegan Guide Lisbon – Part 1: Eat

Vegan Guide Lisbon - Part 1: Eat

In Lisbon there is really a lot to see, to eat and to do. In addition, you can stay cheaply in a broad range of low-budget hostels. And in the surrounding area there are also some hidden gems to discover. As all of this information and insider tips are beyond the scope of a blog post, we have sorted them into the following five categories and divided them into five individual articles: Continue reading “Vegan Guide Lisbon – Part 1: Eat”