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Since we are living in Europe and primarily use German websites we have an European point of view and state of knowledge. So we can only recommend a few sites that are also available in English – even though maybe not for all English-speaking countries. We would like you to keep that in mind and to apologize that. If you speak German, visit our sister website for some moretips and tricks.

To browse and “haphazardly” find special offers, we think that TravelDeals24, Holiday/TravelPirates and Holidayguru are quite suitable.

The HolidayPirates (UK & Ireland) or TravelPirates (USA) were my favorites once, but now they post so many – in my opinion – “normal” offers and luxury travels in between the bargains that you have to browse the posts to find something suitable. For very exceptional deals (especially error fares, these are particularly favorable price errors, which are often available only for a very short time) the HolidayPirates have a WhatsApp service, which is often a bit slower than the website, but otherwise works well.

In my view, TravelDeals24 (available in the UK, USA and Canada) has many and good offers, that other sites don’t necessarily list. The app is simple and well-designed. It is negatively noticeable that many deals are only available on one or a few fixed dates for the advertised price, but alternative dates with surcharge are also displayed.

I can’t tell you much about Holidayguru (available in the UK and Ireland) as I don’t use it very often.

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