New Facebook Group: VEGAN travel buddies | Reisepartner*innen | compañeros de viaje

In addition to our international Facebook group vegan reisen | vegan traveling, which explores vegan food options and insider tips, we have now created an additional group for vegan travelers due to the high demand: VEGAN travel buddies | Reisepartner*innen | compañeros de viaje.

If you're looking for vegan travel buddies, feel free to join our newly formed group!Wenn ihr vegane…

Gepostet von The Vegan Travelers am Dienstag, 24. April 2018

As the name implies, this also internationally-oriented Facebook group serves to search and find other vegan (or vegan-interested) travel enthusiasts to travel together. Ideally, that way also globetrotter and locals come together, who then show each other their home towns and countries and can give advice as to vegan national dishes and products from the supermarket.

If you want to be approached by vegan living local guides while traveling, just show it with our gymbag! 😉

Gymbag “Hi, I’m a vegan traveler!”

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