Vegan Guide Lisbon – Part 1: Eat

Vegan Guide Lisbon - Part 1: Eat

In Lisbon there is really a lot to see, to eat and to do. In addition, you can stay cheaply in a broad range of low-budget hostels. And in the surrounding area there are also some treasures to discover. As all of this information and insider tips are beyond the scope of a blog post, we have sorted them into the following five categories and divided them into five individual articles: Continue reading “Vegan Guide Lisbon – Part 1: Eat”

Vale de Moses: Yoga Retreat in the Mountains of Portugal

Vale de Moses: Yoga Retreat in the Mountains of Portugal

In the middle of the Portuguese mountains, Vonetta and Andrew Winter have fulfilled their life’s dream of owning a yoga retreat. Surrounded by unspoiled nature, they provide a refuge for those who need a break from their everyday life. Here it’s all about slowing down and re-rooting with the earth with lots of yoga, walks, massages, acupuncture, workshops and healthy food. Continue reading “Vale de Moses: Yoga Retreat in the Mountains of Portugal”



In order to do justice to this city, we would probably have to write a whole book. Having been in the shadow of its “big sister” Lisbon for a long time, it is no longer unknown now, but one of the most popular tourist destinations in Western Europe. And deservedly so: UNESCO Old Town, double-deck bridge Ponte Luís I, river Douro and delicious vegan food make hearts beat faster. Whether as a city trip or a starting point to travel the north of Portugal – Porto is always worth it. Continue reading “Porto.”