Tapia de Casariego: A Beach to Ourselves

Each year at the beach of Tapia de Casariego the Goanna Pro takes place, a competition within the WQS (World Qualifying Series) Surfing Championship, which brings together 45 of the best international surfers as well as numerous spectators.

Actually, we went to Tapia de Casariego to bathe in the salt water pool Piscina De Agua Salada. It is located on the seafront and the entrance is free. Along the way, however, we were distracted by the deserted Playa de Ribeiría and spontaneously decided to go to that one instead.

Nevertheless, that was before we discovered the Playa de Los Campos (aka La Grande or Playa de Anguileiro). The 400 meter long and more than 500 meter wide urban beach is the most important of the municipality and has comprehensive facilities such as showers, parking, a picnic area, a rescue stand, beach chairs, umbrellas and even a campsite nearby.

As a sign of good water quality and the compliance with certain environmental criteria it is even awarded the Blue Flag. In summer it is mainly visited by surfers and is also the venue for various surfing championships.

In the surrounding area there are also numerous other beaches such as the beaches Playa de La Paloma, Playa de Serantes and Playa de Penarronda. So even in the peak season there should be a place for the beach towel!

More impressions:

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