ALL AUGUST: 2for1 Gymbag “Hi, I’m a vegan traveler!”

Gymbag "Hi, I'm a vegan traveler!"

You want to show on your travels that you live vegan? You want to meet other vegan travelers? You would like to get to know vegan locals in other places, who will show you their city? If so, show it with the gymbag of our vegan travel community that you are a VEGAN TRAVELER! 🙂

Special Offer: Throughout the entire month of August, for each ordered Gymbag we will give you another one for free! ♡

Dimensions: about 40 cm high, 36 cm wide
Delivery date: This bag will be shipped in mid-September – we are currently on the road 😉
Price: 15 EUR or 18 USD including free shipping worldwide

Here you can see the gymbag in action.
To order your gymbag, please send us an E-Mail.


Our Best – and Worst – Accommodations in Egypt

Our Best - and Worst - Accommodations in Egypt

Egypt is definitely an impressive, surprising and overwhelming country. Just as extremely different – in a positive and negative way – as our memories of the Pharaonic country are, was our experience with the accommodation on site. We checked out everything from a noble 5-star hotel and a water park resort, guesthouses and hostels to a completely dirty and shabby 5-dollar-hovel! Here you can find out which places we can recommend – and which ones not at all. Continue reading “Our Best – and Worst – Accommodations in Egypt”

Vegan in Egypt

Vegan in Egypt

When asked for the most vegan-friendly places in our travel community on Facebook, one country rarely appears in the comments: Egypt. Completely unjustified – in our opinion. Because in the two months we have traveled criss-cross through the land of the Pharaohs, we feasted absolutely deliciously on falafel, foul, date cookies, fresh fruit, koshary, cashew ice cream, caramel latte with cashew and almond milk, tahina, baba ganoush and hummus and did not have to go hungry at all! What is also special here is that you get almost all of these goodies for just a few pennies. How and where exactly, you will get to know here. Continue reading “Vegan in Egypt”

Tenerife: The Ultimate Road Trip

Tenerife: The Ultimate Road Trip

The things we had previously heard about Tenerife were not very positive: mass tourism, crowded, little culture. However, what we found on the largest Canary Island were breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, crystal-clear sea pools, cute villages and just the right mix of city and nature, topped by the volcano Teide, the highest peak in Spain – in short: an island to fall in love with. All the highlights of Tenerife can be perfectly combined on a round trip, which is why we would like to introduce you to the perfect route for a Tenerife road trip. Continue reading “Tenerife: The Ultimate Road Trip”

DJI Spark vs. DJI Mavic Pro: Which Drone Is Right For Me?

DJI Spark vs. DJI Mavic Pro: Which Drone Is Right For Me?

As we already told you in one of our last articles, we have recently become the proud owners of a DJI Spark. But why did we choose this model and what exactly is a drone anyway? What about the conditions for flying? And: How much is the fun? The answer to these and many other questions, as well as a comparison of the two top models of DJI can be found in this article. Continue reading “DJI Spark vs. DJI Mavic Pro: Which Drone Is Right For Me?”

Vegan Guide Lisbon – Part 1: Eat

Vegan Guide Lisbon - Part 1: Eat

In Lisbon there is really a lot to see, to eat and to do. In addition, you can stay cheaply in a broad range of low-budget hostels. And in the surrounding area there are also some hidden gems to discover. As all of this information and insider tips are beyond the scope of a blog post, we have sorted them into the following five categories and divided them into five individual articles: Continue reading “Vegan Guide Lisbon – Part 1: Eat”